i made a shocking discovery today

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Catching Fire Trailer!

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are you satan because you’re hot as hell

Oct 1 23:04 ( 17052 )
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i wasn’t prepared for that

Sep 22 20:37 ( 349 )

#You wanna win the hunger games? #STAY ALIVE

Aug 19 19:17 ( 159096 )


“wow you’re so big i don’t think that’s gonna fit”

i whisper to my 1.2 MB gif

Aug 15 14:37 ( 18035 )


i bet if morgan freeman was born 200 years ago his last name would be a little different

Jul 26 4:16 ( 7690 )

#little dove #because she’s a beautiful thing kept in a cage #little bird #because sandor sees her as someone he can only admire from afar #little flamingo #because flamingos are pink and she’s a redhead #little american bald eagle #because she’s a stark and starks are an endangered species by now #little preying mantis #because she seems relatively harmless until she does kung-fu #little flying squirrel #because she doesn’t seem to be capable of flight until whoah mothafukka she leaps from one tree and is airborne #sansa for all the avian metaphors 

Jul 25 17:13 ( 21297 )


Since most of us are in bed with our laptops I like to think it means we’re kind of in bed together

Jul 1 23:35 ( 168695 )
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Jun 30 19:00 ( 405471 )
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if I was in the hunger games I’d just get mcdonalds as a sponsor but instead of just eating the big macs they’d send me during the games I’d use them as bait to trap people and every time I’d made a kill I’d look up to the sky, give a thumbs and whisper “I’m lovin’ it”

Jun 30 0:25 ( 300067 )
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what if every blogger on here didn’t actually exist and you were the only real one and you+your blog were just a government run experiment 

what if this post is a government experiment


Jun 29 21:18 ( 2162 )
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