"I got my first tattoo when I was 17—I was filming Red Dawn in Detroit, and my mom was with me! She’s a very cool mom. My other two tattoos have much less meaning. One is a giant anchor on my side—I’ve just always liked the classic old-school sailor tattoos. And I have a similar one that’s a ship sailing into a sunset with classic birds and lavender clouds on my back.”  

Josh Hutcherson talking about his tattoos

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thinkin about your OTP in public


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randomthingsoverhere asked: bilbo baggins or frodo baggins

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   (in response to the anon about superiority) Most people wouldn't feel superior but every now and then you get one person who seems to think that they're better than everyone because they're gay (although they would probably think they're better than everyone regardless)
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   Tbh I think the anons actually did understand your point, they're just so clouded with what is and is not politically correct that they build up so much hate for white/straight people it just comes out without them realising. They avoid the point to make you sound bigoted for wanting to be proud of yourself. There is no fucking difference between a white/straight person or a black or gay or trans person. They need to take a long hard look at how discriminating and racist they're being.

thank you

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of course you can be proud of who you are! but that is different than being proud of being white/straight specifically, considering white/straight people have a long, long history of destroying other groups of people for not being white/straight

I got your point. I have a lot of poc relatives. And two of my best friends are lesbians. I know how difficult is for them to live and fight against people’s judgement. I really hate the fact that in these days some people feel superior just because of their color or sexual orietation. I support equal rights. Like, A LOT. I just don’t understand people that are like “I can be proud, but you can’t”. Like, you’re fighting for equality but people can’t be proud of themselves. Where’s equality here? THIS doesn’t make sense to me.

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"There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them."

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   literally no one feels superior because theyre a poc or theyre not straight. literally no one

I really wish you were right :/ like, for real.

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   Anybody can be proud of who they are but being white and/or straight means the western world is an easier place because societies are built to respond to that. However, I just want to point out it is incorrect to say being white equals privilege in all contexts. Genocide has happened to white people, so has religious and class intolerance and xenophobic oppression and of course misogyny is the oldest form of oppression in the world.

Bless u

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I think none of those anons understood the point of my post…

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   also fyi, if you feel the need to qualify your statement with "i'm not racist or homophobic or xyz" at the end, then it's probably not worth saying

Dude, DID YOU READ WHAT I’VE WRITTEN????? Fyi I’m just tired of people feeling superior than other people just because of their sexual orientation/color

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   because pocs and people of the lgbt community have overcame problems in their lives and are working to have equal rights. white/straight people are born into privilege and dont have to work to have their voice heard. same goes for men and women, women are the minority and therefore can be proud of their gender when they overcome an obstacle in their lives caused by being a minority.

I know, I agree with you. But it seems wrong to me the fact that people can’t be proud of who they are… I’m not saying that white/hetero people are better than black/gay people. But idk I think everyone should have the right to be proud of themselves.

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